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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3PD Trucking Jobs

Ask the average person what they think of when they hear “trucking jobs,” and you will probably get an answer related to driving or truck repair, yet the trucking industry offers far more in terms of careers. If you find yourself in need of a career and are interested in the trucking industry, 3PD, one of the industry’s fastest growing and largest last-mile providers, has several opportunities worth considering.

Managerial Positions

A job seeker who has excellent people skills and leadership capabilities will find that the many openings for 3PD managers may be a good fit. Assistant managers have the responsibility of managing and supporting home delivery areas for a market area, giving direction to staff and drivers and measuring the success of the overall operation. The company also needs shift supervisors in a range of fields to assist managers and serve as dispatchers and service representatives as well as operations managers to oversee their drivers and help with customer service needs.

Customer Service

Customers are the foundation upon which a successful business is built, and at 3PD keeping customers happy is a full time job. Those who love working with people and have strong problem solving skills may find a career opportunity in customer service. Customer service professionals handle building questions and scheduling of deliveries. In 3PD, customer service personnel also have the unique task of helping with dispatch, keeping deliveries on time and working with contracted drivers to ensure that they can meet delivery deadlines.
Warehouse Associate

Warehouse associates help physically unload trucks, pack and ship boxes, assemble customer orders and keep the warehouse organized and tidy. This is a position designed for strong, safety-conscious individuals who do not mind heavy lifting and a manual job.

 Claims Administration

Claims administration professionals manage claims on behalf of contract carriers, working closely with the management team to process claims quickly and accurately. They will field questions about claims and help negotiate or resolve problematic claims, while also ensuring that contractors comply with all insurance requirements.

Billing Specialists

Billing specialists work directly with clients to manage all aspects of tickets, invoices and bills. They must ensure that bills and invoices are accurate and all jobs are closed correctly at the end of the day. They must communicate with drivers, customers and management to ensure that all billing is handled well. 

Contract Opportunities

Truck owners can partner with 3PD to enter into delivery service agreements to cover routs in all 48 continental states and Canada. These opportunities include revenue growth potential, flexible delivery requirements and scheduled payments, all on a clear contract. 

Each of these career options requires a different skill set, clearly showing how varied the needs are within the trucking industry. The next time someone mentions trucking jobs to you, stop and think about the many aspects this can cover. If you are in need of a new career option, consider the trucking industry and 3PD as a valid option with multiple opportunities. 

To view all Trucking Jobs from 3PD, Inc., please visit http://www.3pd.com and browse available opportunities.

Call (866) 373-4244, or email opportunities@3PD.com, to speak with one of our team members immediately.

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